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How to open a float spa

How to open a float spa

How to open a float spa:

Opening a float spa is a complicated task. To be able to succeed, you will need to keep your costs down while paying attention to everything that matters so that your business can be a success. Luckily for you, our team at Salt City Float has figured out how to do it correctly and we are excited to share our lessons learned with other budding entrepreneurs!

Read up on our other articles and pages and contact us before you start so that you can save yourself thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive mistakes.

For instance,

  • We explain how to find a location that will fit within the budget of a new spa yet will help draw your new customers
  • We help you choose what kind of float spa is right for your business, giving you the pros and cons of all of the available ones on the market
  • We provide helpful seminars, showing how the day to day business of a float spa is conducted
  • We provide technical support so that you can have a premium online presence complete with online booking right away
  • We provide continued mentorship after you start your float spa so that you can continue to succeed down the road

Contact us today so that we can help you learn how to open a float spa so you can start providing this wonderful service of being able to do float and sensory deprivation therapy to those near you!

Salt City Float: Clean, Organized and Highly Recommended

frontpage_4Salt City Float: Clean, Organized and Highly Recommended
We keep hearing from our customers about how much they enjoy their experiences floating with us! Here is another one of their experiences, specifically highlighting how we were able to improve his floating experience by having such a clean, organized facility:
I want to thank Shawn at Salt City float for a great experience. As a first time floater, Shawn walked me through the facility and procedures to ensure a productive float the first time out. His facility is clean and organized and employs Isopod tanks, which are very comfortable and in no way claustrophobic. I have now floated 3 times and the level of deep relaxation is truly amazing. Highly recommended.Clayton Shaw
Our unique program for opening a float spa covers all the lessons we have learned to open up a quality spa that is clean, organized and attractive to those looking to find relaxation and solace. We will be happy to teach you everything we have learned so that you can delivery a higher quality experience faster and cheaper than you would be able to do otherwise.
Contact us today to reserve a seat in one of our seminars so that you can learn how to open a float span and have a facility like ours!

Pain from stress and tension was gone

Here is a testimonial from one of the float spas we have helped:

I’ve only been able to float once due to crazy schedules and finances but that one float was incredible! I felt so relaxed and the pain I usually have in my neck from stress and tension was gone. I felt amazing for days! I hope to get back in there soon and reap the benefits. I’m also hoping to bring in my hubby who suffers from depression, severe PTSD, and chronic back pain due to an extra vertebrae. I think the benefits he would get would be way more than mine! Thanks for promoting such an awesome natural way to help people heal!

Floating helps relieve stress and tension. Please contact us today if you would like to learn how to help heal those around you by opening a float spa.